Commercial Flooring Experts

Our team of commercial flooring experts between them have years of experience supplying and fitting flooring for all commercial needs. Our CSCS qualified professionals pride themselves in ensuring every contract undertaken is complete to the highest standard. We have experience fitting a wide range of floors from warehouses and factories to schools and hospitals.

Our team are here to help you find the solution you need regardless of project size and catering for all budgets. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

Good quality wooden floors can last for decades. They have a timeless appeal. Wood floors are easy to clean and the natural wood scent is a pleasant addition to your home. This material has appealed to customers for a vast amount of years and will continue to do so even though it is more costly than other types of flooring.

This material has the realistic look of either wood, stone or ceramic tiles. This is an innovative design of vinyl flooring which suits all budgets. It is hard wearing and waterproof making it ideal for your whole house. LVT’s are so versatile coming in different colours, patterns and grains. LVT’s are extremely popular due to the low maintenance, clean lines and there compatibility with under floor heating.

There are so many options for carpets these days whether you are after plain, patterned, striped, mottled or glitter. There is carpet out there for every budget. Carpets have an insulation affect to your home as the appearance of them makes you feel warm. Carpets absorb sound so help as sound proofing for upstairs room. Most of the modern carpet ranges are now bleach cleanable which is ideal for families.

Vinyl flooring is good value for money, easy to clean and maintain and ideal for heavy traffic areas. It has an array of colours and some have a slip resistant top layer for suitability in wet rooms, kitchens and bar areas.

Laminate flooring is less damaging to your bank balance compared with other flooring products. It creates a fantastic look similar to solid wood but is compatible with under floor heating which is growing ever more popular to heat your home. Laminate flooring is easy to maintain with a simple hoover and wipe over with a damp mop.

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